King & Queen Cheese Platter

~Feta, Jarlsberg, blue vein & camembert cheeses accompanied with fruit i.e. strawberry, kiwi fruit, blueberries, grapes etc... Never forget crackers & fig jam w. grilled Halloumi cheese. Accompany with a variety of olives ~




Feta & Spicy Tofu Pasta

Thai marinated tofu, onion, green capsicum, tomatoes, broccoli, basil flavored pasta sauce, carrot, silverbeet, tabasco, parmesan, basil leaves, freshest latina pasta & olive oil. Crumble some feta over the top to finish it off!

Digital Fingerprint

Leaving a digital fingerprint (a website). It appears to be the 21st Century way to leave a mark on the world. It most certainly outlives your physical time on Earth. The only question is does it really have an impact?