My name is Leon.

Official. Leon Wark copy 2

I have always wanted to have a clear space to tinker with my ideas. What am I to do with all the weird and wonderful ideas and questions that shoot through my mind if not scribble it down under one platform?

This is just a space where I can mind-map everything that interests me. It starts out small but hopefully over time and after a bit of energy is spent I will end up with something great!

  • At the moment i’m trying to advance my language skills (Spanish) & work on my writing. I’m documenting some of the things that I study in my law degree, my travel to New Zealand and my general interests, so bare with me… I also like being creative & most of the time this comes to me spontaneously, so it’s good to have a space where I can put all my energies and not be too critical of myself. That’s just the start of whatever this blog will represent. Purely personal.




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