Yoga!..Yoga!..Yoga!.. Do Yoga with Me!


Ever looking to start something fresh on any given day? I came across this neat free yoga instruction site a few months back after talking with my mate Otis & his girlfriend Sam about activities they like to do together. I’ve only completed a couple of download (1)classes so far, since I’ve been in the middle of moving countries over the start of the year, so lets face it, I’ve been a little lazy and distracted, but so far so good!

Never done yoga before? This is a good way to start! is a community unto itself. Get as involved as you want. Good for routine, fitness & general wellbeing.

The website is 100% free, and you can personally select from beginner to advanced, 15-60+ minute sessions in a ridiculous number of styles that I didn’t honestly even know existed. It covers all bases, particularly if you favour a specific instructor!

Browse from poses to programs to get a gist of it, grab a towel or a mat and yogi (mosey) right on into it!

download (2)Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.44.55 pm



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