Digital Fingerprint

Leaving a digital fingerprint (a website). It appears to be the 21st Century way to leave a mark on the world. It most certainly outlives your physical time on Earth. The only question is does it really have an impact?

You’d know by now that many great artists, writers or activists have been acknowledged and recognised for the extensivity of their ideas and actions posthumously. Tesla’s electrical engineering brilliance, Newton’s theories, Einstein, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jnr, all the way to somebody such as Stieg Larsson (although, not quite at the same level of course, but an amazing author, researcher and journalist in his own right, and quite somber that he passed before revelling in his writing successes). These are only meant for examples. And pardon the predictability of those great go-to beings of history, but their ideas outlived their lifetimes and impactthumbprint@ (1)ed the world in such an aggressive way that it’s hard not to be convivial and relish in their brilliance.

But that makes me wonder, what if there are brilliant concepts and creativity out there that aren’t being recorded in the history books? In the age of the internet it’s hard to understand how some things still manage to slip through our fingers. I mean, I know we still hardly have a solid grip on humanity (viral and rampant war, famine and disease plaguing the planet as a visceral human condition more than anything, and I wonder why that is…but that line of thought is meant for another time and another post…maybe after I finish reading Geoffrey Robertsons’, Crimes Against Humanity).

There are so many things we may find interesting that shed some light or glimmer on humanity, even if it’s for pure comical or antidotal reasons. The Adam Sackler character in the T.V. series Girls is one example of complete uninhibited revelling brilliance of an aspect of humanity, I believe. The guy is wack! Complete motormouth, speaks his mind, has great indepth insight to some aspects of the human condition and is responsive and intellectual, but also just a filthy animalistic sexual deviate with the most bizarre sexual exposé at the same time. He is just living his life (clearly I am aware that it is a character and not a person, but the level of commitment Adam Driver delivers to the role is unique, brought from an angle of his own worldview and understanding… that or the brilliance at which he marries with Lena Dunham’s writing). His character really shows an aspect of life that I quite enjoy. Be yourself and own who you are.

So, in my own insignificant blip of life, I thought it’d be an outrageous idea to tackle my own thoughts, feelings and ideas in the privacy of my own webpage. A little egotistical, yes. But I plan not to really share the url of this site with anybody, this is something i’m just biding in while I procrastinate from finding work in my new country home of New Zealand (I’m sure i’ll be writing something soon about the very fine art of pro-ing, as my mum calls it, just let me get around to it would you!) I just like the thought of it ‘being out there’. Plus, i’m never egotistical. I’m my number one critic. If I was looking for a putdown or a mental wall to climb, I wouldn’t need to go very far, I am my very own Sgt. Hartman to my ego’s Gomer Pyle, and in the process of writing this post, hopefully it might help me ‘snap’.

All people, or at least most people don’t have an inflated self worth, and I relate to that. Obviously humility is way more attractive than arrogance, we’re taught that from a young age. But sometimes it’s a little funny to see the most arrogant are usually the most successful (or maybe it is the other way around… probably best handled on a case by case basis for an assumption), or a figurehead or in control of their world and surroundings in some or most aspects. Or maybe this is just subjective and no more, not sure.

But, take Amethyst Kelly for example, and by no means do I mean or intend to bang on or harp over or beat down her success in the American music industry. She owns what she does and is successful at it and the world accepts her for that, but it’s hard not to see the overwhelming enterprise of fraud in it all. Tall poppy syndrome aside I think her story is more bizarre than Adam Sackler’s sexual aberrations.

Amethyst (Iggy Azalea) is ballsy. She and I come from the same small town of around 3,000 people in the same year of the same grade from kindy to year twelve (well, ten as she saw no point in finishing high school, it wasn’t a big blow to her future and like most suckers the rest of us paraded on). From as long as I’ve somewhat known Amethyst (we weren’t friends… I placed my aversion towards her after year five, she plotted and embarrassed me in front of our year by paying her best friend to date me for two days so they could laugh at how I’d thought I had a girlfriend, I was a little fat kid in primary school) she always seemed malicious, disparaging and offensive. Granted, we never really spoke to one another after primary school apart from civilities and I took my views from my only real experience. But since that time, any real observance of her character has shown guts, determination and a will to own who she is and what she did in revellance of others distaste for her heavily unabashed spirited individuality. That is, right up until she landed a record deal.

Over the past few years i’ve come across some of her radio interview broadcasts and musical numbers playing in the gym or on the radio at work or in the car and none of it could possibly represent anything about that girl, her real life history or cultural background or who she truly is. Then again, what do I know, I don’t run in her circles clearly and never did so I don’t know her life experiences post-Los Angeles. But it seems like such a whitewash of her true character and persona. It reeks of a generated hiphop musical marketing ploy mastered by money-hungry producers pedalling recycled mash to the lowest common denominator of delinquents, derelicts and posers with the added bonus that in this particular instance, Iggy’s art is peppered with uniqueness… She’s a white Australian rural girl from a hippie dominated community and she’s gone ghetto!

So, on one side of things I admire Amethyst for owning who she is and having a great strength of ego and determination to push through the hardships and adversity that she had to face in becoming what she is (to think back to year twelve and reimagine how difficult it would have been to have performed a rap with one of your friends in front of your entire school year at a formal in the rural township of Mullumbimby and be booed, and then completely averted away from by the entire crowd, would have been a massive dampener on your beliefs in yourself and personal drive. But I don’t think it ever really got to her. From early on I remember a mutual friend of ours saying to me a few years ago that Amethyst would openly state in art class “I’m going to be a rapper”, and presumably for her, that was the end of it, get out of her way!)

On the other side, comparing the tranquil town of Mullumbimby (somewhat known as a hippie commune with a little cultivation of modernisation thrown in) to street life in the US to enrapture some sort of hiphop credibility, her naive blanket commentary on radio stating indigenous Australians are destructive and destroy communal housing because they love to sleep out under the stars or the fabricated great southern accent or the sexualised and submissive display as a woman which clashes with what should be our world’s evolving and emerging concepts of sexual equality and the non-ownership or dominance over women by men… It all just seems completely against her character and persona of ‘strong independant woman’ that she threw around with her so early on in the piece that was and is her life’s mission. Has her arrogance destroyed her?

A person with that power could be doing so much more for humanity with that sort of platform and authority than what is currently the real state of things. She could be so much more successful in her role. This takes me back to my point, has the arrogance that was once displayed early on for Amethyst, as in other cases, and has continued on, resulted in her successes; and is it a better way to live your life? Or, is it better to be on the ‘safe side’ and be humble and aim for humility? Again, with everything it’s a balance. I feel I went too much one way than another. By starting to voice my opinions more directly than fleeting thoughts in my head I’m hoping to correct my skewedness for humility…because in all honesty, I think I need it!…And time again it seems to pay off. It’s time to harness some of Amethyst’s traits of self-belief in order to be capable of bigger and better things. Don’t think you’re being selfish by doing so. The greater you are, the more you can help other people, especially the ones who helped get you there and the ones who you truly care about.

And so it begins, making a mark on the world that has made its mark on me. Arguably without any real relevance in the big picture. Cynical, but hey, such is life.



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